V-Blox Lifetime Lights would like the opportunity to win over your LED project

V-Blox Lifetime Lights would like the opportunity to win over your LED project. Not only will we beat the prices of competing bulbs with equal quality and specs, but we also feature the longest replacement warranties in the business. You can’t lose with the quality and performance of Lifetime Lights from V-Blox, which has been the first name in quality electrical products for 14 years.

Contact Frank Peake at fpeake@vblox.net for info.



What Happens If I DON’T Have Surge Protection Installed In My Residential or Commercial Property?

First, we must define  “surge protection” and discuss its main functions. This will help to clarify the full scope of its capabilities.

Definition and functionality: A surge protection device (SPD), also known as a transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), is designed to absorb and divert high-current surges to ground and bypass your equipment, thereby limiting the voltage that is impressed on the equipment. An important concept about the SPD is that it is a sacrificial device with degradation of performance over time. It is considered to be at the end of its life when it has lost 10% of its design capacity. Essentially, this is a small device that can be purchased and connected to electrical equipment in order to prevent potentially harmful surges from destroying the equipment it is protecting.

Thereby, what will happen if surge protection is not utilized?

  • Surges caused by lightning and internal transient surges will degrade the quality of the electrical equipment in the facility rapidly
  • Therefore, the equipment’s lifespan will be 3 to 5 times shorter
  • Causes expensive repair costs and maintenance
  • Savings on energy consumption will be minimalized

Here is a video by V-Blox showing the true power of V-Blox Surge Protection, in action!


The Evergreen State vs. The Concrete Jungle



New York City


Interested in seeing case studies about the V-Blox Coolpro?

17% savings on an IBS 50 ton Trane unit. http://vbloxcoolpro.com/IBS%2050%20ton%20Trane%20CoolPro%20report.pdf

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New Market Research Sheds Light on Latest Developments for LED, IC, and Semiconductor Market Activity

Forecasts are looking good for LEDs and other major semiconductor technologies



LED lights at Christmas time

LED lights at Christmas time

Love winter!


Pensive Gorilla

Pensive Gorilla

“Hmmm…I think i’ll call V-Blox today and ask about their new line of LifetimeLights LED bulbs”